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Employers Liability

Most small businesses employ staff who could sustain personal injuries at work. Many personal injuries are actually covered by Accident Compensation legislation. Employees do retain the right to civil action when a workplace injury is not covered by ACC.

These can include mental injuries not accompanied by a physical injury, nervous shock or fright and diseases brought on over time. Nervous shock or fright can cause heart attacks and strokes. Diseases brought on over time can include chemical poisoning and exposure to the elements or temperature extremes.

So, it's reasonable to ask a simple question. What is employers liability insurance NZ supposed to insure and protect a business from?

Employer’s liability insurance NZ is the insurance for businesses that steps in to plug the gap that exists between ACC protection and statutory liability to others. It covers compensation ordered by a criminal court to an injured employee under the Health and Safety in Employment Act. You could incur considerable legal expenses to defend your business even if it is not found liable for illness or injury arising through employment.

Our business insurance package includes employers liability insurance cover. This important and valuable optional employer’s liability cover will indemnify businesses in respect of a legal liability claim. A business is not legally required to purchase this insurance, but it is highly recommended.

It covers the costs brought against the business by an employee in three areas:

  • Damages as a result of an employee sustaining personal injury. This includes a sickness, disease or infection where that personal injury was not covered under the Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Act 1992 or the Accident Insurance Act 1998 as amended.
  • Punitive or exemplary damages arising from an injury that is covered by the same two Acts as amended.
  • Legal costs and expenses to defend a claim or to make an application to the Court to determine whether the personal injury is covered by same two Acts as amended.

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For more information on business insurances and employer’s liability cover, please download and read the policy wording. It contains details about the terms and conditions for this product. Then get an employers liability insurance quote and buy online.

You can read more in our newsroom and blogs, especially our article on how to get your insurance company on your side with statutory liability insurance. If you would like to read more on employers liability insurance covers and small business insurances, you could also read our article on why do I need business liability insurance?

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