Business Insurance

Material Damage

Your business depends on your premises, your equipment and all stock that you sell. Would a fire severely impact your business? Can you afford to rebuild your business following a major loss to business assets? Would your business be able to replace vital fixtures, fittings, tools and stock following a major loss? It’s important that you protect your business and these commercial property assets by finding the right contents insurance and insuring them adequately with the right type of cover under a good small business insurance product from registered insurance brokers such as Insure Online.

This section of our small business insurance package covers unintended and unforeseen physical loss of, or damage to, your property during the period of insurance. Your property includes your shop or office fitout, plant, stock, refrigerated goods, glass, signage, money, fixtures and fittings.

Our property insurance also covers you for business items that you carry around anywhere in New Zealand, such as tools and portable technology, valued up to $10,000. You also have the option to increase this cover to $20,000 worth of portable items for a small additional premium.

Our commercial business insurance quotes include cover for damage from events such as fire, theft, hold-up, storms, explosion and machinery breakdown.

Business contents insurance cover includes emergency work to protect your contents and to reduce further insured losses, removal of debris, such as damaged contents and stock, and the cost of architects, legal and other related expenses.

We know that many businesses carry additional stock over Christmas and New Year. Our small business insurance package automatically covers you for a seasonal increase in stock of up to 20% during November, December and January. There is no extra charge for this additional commercial property insurance.

Small business owners in NZ have the option to purchase cover for natural disaster for an extra premium. Natural disaster includes earthquake, volcanic eruption, geothermal activity and tsunami. Limits and exclusions apply.

Please be aware that our small business insurance product does not cover you for every loss. For example, losses caused or arising from a computer virus or from loss of electronic data are not covered. A specialised cyber indemnity product is required for this.

Before you get a business insurance quotation for office insurance and property insurance, find out what limits and exclusions apply to ensure you get the best online business insurance, please check that it is suitable for you and read the policy wording.

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