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Public Liability

Small business owners have a responsibility to others - customers, employees, suppliers - and their property while it is on your premises or when you are working on theirs. If you are held accountable for grievances it will impact your business, your reputation and your finances. That’s where public liability insurance cover comes into play for small business owners in New Zealand, no matter if you are based in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton or anywhere else.

Public liability insurance, or general liability insurance, generally consists of public liability insurance and product liability insurance cover. It can be purchased from an insurance broker in New Zealand.

Public liability insurance covers the cost of damages if your business is responsible for personal injury or property damage and it is considered a must have for many business owners. Public liability insurance protects your business if someone sues you for personal injury or death. It also covers your business for damage to customers’ property such as goods left for repair or dry cleaning, damage to a customer’s property caused by installers on site or damage to their personal effects while they are on your premises. If you don't have public liability insurance, any compensation payments and legal costs could put you out of business.

Our public liability insurance policy covers costs and expenses incurred in relation to a claim, advertising liability, personal injury or property damage caused by unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones, damage caused to underground services such as cables and pipes, damaged caused to other’s property arising from vibration or weakening of buildings. Advertising liability can arise from defamation, infringement of copyright, title or slogan and unfair competition.

Tenant’s liability cover is also standard with our public liability insurance. Tenant’s liability insurance will indemnify your business if you become liable for damage to premises that are leased or rented but not owned by your business.

Product liability insurance cover is also included and it covers defective workmanship and product withdrawal costs where that product has the same defect that has already given rise to a successful claim under public liability cover.

Our public liability insurance product, consisting of public and products liability cover, offers options of $2m, $5m and $10m limit of indemnity for personal injury and property damage to others within New Zealand.

For more information on business insurance and public liability insurance cover, including what public liability insurance covers and public liability insurance definitions, please read the policy wording and our useful article on liability insurance.

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