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Public Liability

Small business owners have a responsibility to many others. This includes customers, employees, suppliers and their property. This liability could arise when their items are on your premises for repair or when you are working on their property. It could impact your business reputation and assets if you are held liable for accidental damage.

So, why so I need public liability insurance?

Insurance for public liability, or general liability insurance, consists of public and product liability insurance cover. If you don't have public liability insurance, any compensation payments and legal costs could put you out of business. It is only fair to ask what is public liability insurance and what do public liability insurers cover?

Insurance for legal liability covers your business if it is responsible for personal injury or property damage. Many small business owners consider this insurance is essential for good risk management. It protects your business if you are sued for personal injury or death.

It also covers your business for damage to other people's property such as goods left for repair or dry cleaning. Damage to a customer’s property or contents caused by installers on site or damage to their personal effects while they are on your premises is included.

Our product covers defence costs and expenses incurred in a claim. It also covers advertising liability, personal injury or property damage caused by unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones.

Damage caused to underground services such as cables and pipes is also covered. Cover for damage caused to other’s property from vibration or weakening of buildings is included. Advertising liability for defamation, infringement of copyright, title or slogan and unfair competition is also covered.

Our liability insurance for small business covers tenant's liability. Our insurance will indemnify your business if you become liable for damage to premises that are leased or rented by your business.

Product liability insurance for a business is also included. It covers defective workmanship and product withdrawal costs. Product liability claims apply where that product has the same defect that has already given rise to a successful claim under public liability cover.

Our liability insurance for a business starts at $2m. Business owners can upgrade to $5m and $10m limit of indemnity. You can add statutory liability insurance cover and employer’s liability insurance to your policy.

You can read more in our newsroom and blogs. We have written a great article on why do I need business liability insurance? You will want to get the best NZ public liability insurance quotes online from any insurance brokers NZ has available. Please check that this product is suitable for you.

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If you would like to read more on small business insurances, read our blog article on our essential guide to liability insurance.

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