Business Insurance

Statutory Liability

We live in a litigated world where higher standards of behaviour and compliance with laws and regulations are expected of businesses whether they be home based, small, medium or large. Breaches of laws and regulations can lead to court cases, fines and penalties. Many of these breaches can be unintentional, but any time a business is called upon to defend itself against an alleged breach, costs are incurred. These costs can range from investigating, preparing to defend allegations, appearing in court and escalating to any fines or penalties imposed by a court.Our business insurance package includes optional statutory liability insurance. This important and valuable

optional statutory liability cover will indemnify businesses in respect of fines imposed and covers legal costs to defend your business under various Acts of Parliament, including proceedings before a Human Rights or Privacy Review Tribunal.

Our statutory liability covers New Zealand businesses up to a $1m limit of indemnity. It's a simple product to buy, and its very valuable.

For more information on statutory liability insurance cover, please download and read the policy wording.

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