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Public liability insurance is designed to protect your business against claims resulting from accidents or injuries that occur as result of your business activities. It also covers accidental damage to property owned or controlled by someone else. It is sometimes called General Liability insurance. Public liability insurance is for big and small businesses, sole traders and partnerships.
There are three factors that determine how much public liability insurance will cost. These are the type of business, your turnover or sales, and the amount of public liability inurance you require. Lower risk businesses, such as florist shops, would pay less. Businesses with higher turnover will pay more. A public liability policy with a limit of indemnity of $2m will cost less than one with a $10m limit of indemnity. Our public liability insurance starts at $450 a year for $2m limit of indemnity. That works out to be less than $10 a week.
Small business owners and sole traders can get public liability insurance online by clicking the "Get Covered Now" button on the top of the page on this website. When you identify your business type, you only need to answer five more questions to get a quote for $2m of public liability insurance. Small business owners and sole traders can pay online using their debit or credit card or bank account transfer. Insure Online will immediately send you your public liability insurance documents and tax invoice by email. If you want to add or delete insurance cover from your quote, just call us on 0800 456 780 and we will do this for you.
It is not a legal requirement to have business public liability insurance. However, without it any sole trader, partnership or company will be liable for the cost of property damage or personal injury caused to others. Many businesses will not be able to operate without it. This effectively makes public liability insurance mandatory.
Liability insurance can be bought from a licenced insurance broker. It is usually available in $2m, $5m and $10m limit of indemnity increments. It can be bought online from Insure Online on this website.
Some of the things covered by public liability insurance: • Public liability insurance legal costs incurred in the defence or settlement of a claim. • Cover for others that may be acting on behalf of your business when the incident occurred. • Loss or damage of goods – which are in your care, custody or control which you do not own. • Loss or damage of someone else’s property that occurs while performing your service.
Some of the things not covered by public liability insurance: • Employer’s responsibility for injured workers. • Aircraft products. • Products recall. • Employees injured on the job.