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Does Your Liability Insurance Cover You For This?

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General liability insurance can be a tricky topic to understand. There are many types of liability insurance for small businesses in New Zealand to consider and they all add to the confusion. But not all liability insurance products are the same. Avoid the pitfalls and ensure your general liability insurance covers are good enough for your New Zealand business by reading about Insure Online's liability insurance products' cover, then compare it to yours.


Isn’t liability insurance all the same?

We sell three different liability insurance products. They each serve a different purpose and they work together to protect your business. We picked QBE as our insurance underwriter for liability because they are experts and experienced in this field. We have three liability insurance products - general liability (public liability and product liability), statutory liability and employers liability.


A customer is injured on my premises, am I covered?

Our general liability insurance policy, otherwise known as public liability insurance and product liability insurance, will cover a business if a customer is injured on your premises. We provide a choice of $2m, $5m and $10m limits of indemnity.


Does your statutory liability policy cover my business if I unknowingly break any New Zealand law?

Your business is covered except for the following: Arms Act 1983, Summary Offences Act 1981, Crimes Act 1961, Proceeds of Crimes Act 1991, Transport Act 1962, Transport (Vehicle and Driver Registration and Licensing) Act 1986, Aviation Crimes Act 1972 and Inland Revenue prosecutions.


What will your statutory liability insurance policy pay for?

Our statutory liability insurance policy will pay investigation, witness and legal defence costs. It will also pay most fines, court costs awarded against your business and court costs for your business. Read our case study here.


Are my employees covered too?

Our statutory liability insurance policy covers your business and your directors, managers, partners, trustees and employees.


Am I covered if one of my employees brings an action against me?

Our employers’ liability insurance policy provides cover for accidents and injuries not covered by the Accident Compensation Commission (ACC). Under common law, your employees can sue for anything that the ACC doesn’t cover such as an illness and injury not accompanied by any physical injury. This includes mental injury such as fright or nervous shock (which can often result in heart attacks), diseases and illness brought on over time such as by pesticides and poisoning. Our employers’ liability insurance also covers exemplary damages awarded by a court.


What if I have been ordered to pay exemplary damages or compensation too?

Our employers’ liability insurance policy will pay defence costs to respond to a claim and a court case. It will also pay settlements and any damages awarded by a court. This includes exemplary damages. Our statutory liability insurance policy will pay compensation awarded by a criminal court for a health and safety claim brought under the Employment Act.


Let Insure Online help with general liability insurance for your New Zealand business. We specialise in getting you the best liability insurance at the best price. There's more to read about public liability insurance and you can get a quote and buy online at any time.