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How Much Does Public Liability Insurance Cost ?

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The cost of public liability insurances will range from $225 per year all the way up to $4,600 per year. Public liability insurance is also called general liability insurance and covers your legal liability to others. The cost for this cover is based on three factors that are unique to your business. These three factors are:

  1. Your type of business
  2. Your annual turnover or sales
  3. The level of cover you want to purchase


Your Type of Business

Your type of business will determine the level of public liability risk, and therefore the cost. Low risk business types will pay less for insurance than high risk business types. For example, a florist shop is considered low risk by most insurance companies. A tattoo artist is considered higher risk. Therefore a florist shop would expect to play less for cover than a tattoo artist.


Your Annual Turnover or Sales

Businesses that turnover or sell more goods and services in a year are usually exposed to more customers. Therefore they are considered to be more exposed to legal liability for accidental damage to someone else. A business turning over less per year will pay less for public liability cover.


The Level of Cover You Want to Purchase

Our public liability product comes in three sizes. We can arrange insurance for either $2m, $5m or $10m limit of indemnity. You choose the level of cover or amount of cover you want to cover damage to other people's property and personal injury.


More Information

We ask that every sole trader and small business owner read the policy wording as it contains more details, including terms and conditions, cover for legal defence costs and for personal injury to customers and the general public.

Our newsroom contains many blog articles to help with your liability insurance knowledge so that you can cover your business if you cause accidental damage to someone else, such as your employees. You can also click on our links to statutory liability insurance and employers liability insurance if you would like to learn more about these related liability insurance products or specific public liability insurance NZ cover.


To find out how much public liability insurances will cost for your business, click our "get covered" button and answer only 5 questions to get an instant quote.


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