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New Insurance Website Delivers Big Savings For Small Business

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Insure Online Limited is excited about its industry-changing website. It allows small business owners to buy, manage and renew business insurance and liability insurance online. We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Insurance industry research shows that small business owners struggle to see what value a traditional insurance broker brings. Insurance brokers’ service is characterised by messy forms, antiquated processes and delayed response times. Added to this are limited product offerings and a lack of comparison quotes. There is rarely any transparency around charges, such as substantial commission, volume sales bonuses and high policy transaction fees.

The launch of Insure Online’s online insurance quote and buy service is fresh. It is a response to the demand for a more transparent and simpler way to buy business insurance.

Time-stricken small business owners can do their own research by reading blog articles in our newsroom. Business owners can get quotes and buy business insurance efficiently. Insure Online provides access on weekends and after hours to a website quote and buying service they can trust.

Statistics back up the trend towards online. 75% of New Zealanders purchase insurance through a traditional insurance broker or bank who uses paper, mail and telephone. In Australia, only 31% of businesses exclusively use traditional insurance brokers. 27% of Australian businesses are buying insurance online. To date, New Zealand’s business owners have been held back by the lack of internet options. This changed with the arrival of Insure Online.

Insure Online’s business insurance product line-up is extensive. Business insurance products include material damage insurance for business property, stock and contents, business interruption insurance, earthquake and other natural disaster protection. Public and product liability insurance, employer’s liability and statutory liability cover are also online.

Insure Online provides a simple, efficient and transparent service to business owners. It allows them to buy commercial insurance in real time.

CEO, Brendan Tobin said “we have created a website where small business owners can buy insurance in less than 10 minutes without having to pick up the phone or leave their office. We confirm insurance cover immediately. Payment can be made securely from a business bank account, debit card and credit card. We email insurance policy documents within an hour. Our efficiency means we are able to pass on real savings in time and cost to business owners”, he added.

Customers, such as retailers and home based businesses, can take control of their business insurance and return to the website to make changes. They can update their insurance, buy more insurance cover and download copies of their insurance contract documents at any time.

Our website allows customers to lodge insurance claims online and generate insurance certificates on the spot. We support our customers with a toll free helpline - 0800 456 780 from 7am until 10pm, 7 days a week.

Few small business owners have time to waste doing insurance the old way. These days, cost and time pressures on business owners are intense.

Business owners are seeking a more convenient and simpler approach to their insurance. Buying insurance online is easier, faster and always available.

If you need a contents insurance quote or commercial property insurance quotes from a business insurance broker, then Insure Online can help. We are a general insurance broking firm that can provide insurance quotes NZ wide, including hairdresser insurance liability.

Our business insurance online quotes line-up includes insurance for public liability and commercial insurance for a business. We also provide insurance quotes online for business interruption insurance, statutory liability insurance and employers liability insurance.

Insure Online are registered Auckland insurance brokers. We specialise in insurance for public liability, insurance for a small business, statutory liability insurance and commercial insurance.

Before you get a contents insurance broking quote please read the policy wording for terms and conditions of cover. It explains what limit of indemnity, insurance options, accidental damage cover and exclusions apply.

Try us if you need an online insurance quote NZ wide or insurance on business, sole traders or partnership structures. Our property insurance for business is online. We are able to provide insurance broking quotes quickly.

By getting an insurance online quote for small business, you will find we are easier to do business with. We do it faster than most Christchurch insurance brokers or Hamilton insurance broker.

Our simple insurance for businesses is underwritten by QBE Insurance NZ, one of the most reputable public liability insurers.

If you need great NZ insurance for a business big or small from Auckland insurance brokers, business insure it with fast insurance quote online from the best insurance brokers Christchurch has available. We’re online and available all over New Zealand.

You can read about what type of insurance for small business you need in our newsroom and blogs. We have written a great article on should I use a broker or go direct? You will want to get the best NZ public liability insurance quotes online from any insurance brokers NZ has available.

For more information on public liability insurance NZ style, please download and read the policy wording. All our policy wordings are available online and contain details about the terms and conditions for these products. Please check that these products are suitable for you. Then get an online insurance quote and buy now or just to get a small business insurance comparison NZ wide.

If you would like to read more on small business insurances, read our blog article about 5 reasons to go online for business insurance.