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Our Essential Guide to Liability Insurance

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Insurance for public liability insurance protects small business owners and sole traders. It covers compensation claims from customers as a result of actions by your business.

It provides peace of mind for when a business owner or sole trader finds them self on the wrong end of a compensation claim. This can result in legal liability and a high cost of defending your business.

Someone may suffer a personal injury or accidental damage to their property. Your business may be found legally liable for that. General liability insurance includes public liability and product liability. It will cover your business if you have a valid claim made against you.

Our NZ public liability insurance cover protects your business against personal injury to your customers. It also covers property damage to their possessions as a result of a product you sell or supply.

People injured by defective products may have the right to sue for damages. Your business may have to compensate them. Plus you will incur legal costs. This is what public liability insurance NZ style covers.

Your business is not legally required to purchase liability insurance. But not having it will expose you and your business to expensive claims. Even if you do not have to pay a claim, defence costs spent investigating the claim are likely to be expensive.


Does My Business Need Public Liability Insurances?

Without sole trader liability insurance, a business owner could face a compensation claim due to legal liability. It doesn’t matter if your business is based in Auckland or Christchurch or anywhere else in New Zealand. Public liability insurance NZ is considered a must-have type of commercial insurance. It is different to employers liability insurance and professional indemnity cover.

But when accidents happen you want to put right what’s gone wrong as quickly as possible. If a client visits your shop or office and they may suffer property damage. They may not be able to return to work because of a personal injury on your premises. You could face a legal liability insurance claim. It could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars.

If they leave their goods with your business for repair and they are damaged while in your care, your customer may seek compensation. Without NZ public liability insurance, the cost to cover a claim would come directly from your business. This cost could put you out of business.

That’s why it is important to understand how to get the best public liability insurance for sole traders or public liability insurance for hairdressers and consultancy occupations.


Where Can I Buy Public Liability Insurance?

Insure Online offers public and product liability insurance online. You can get a public liabilty insurance quote and buy securely through our website. It can be purchased as a standalone cover or as part of a business insurance package.

Our public liability insurance NZ product provides flexible options. We offer three different levels of cover. You can choose the amount of insurance cover you need.

Our secure payment service allows you to pay online. We email your insurance for public liability documents and tax invoice to you immediately. You’re covered as soon as we send you your business liability insurance documents, subject to the terms of our insurance policy and schedule.

We act as agent for the insurer and we abide by the general insurance code of conduct. Public liability and professional indemnity insurance products offered on this website are provided on a general advice basis.

Please read the policy wording before buying insurance so that you understand the meaning and definition of our public insurance liability cover. Before you buy the insurance product, please make sure the insurance is suitable for you and read the policy wording.


How Much Does Public Liability Insurance Cost?

Insure Online’s cheap liability insurance provides a minimum $2m of cover per annum. Our company insurance quote is based on three factors – the type of business you have, your annual revenue and the amount of cover you want to purchase.

A florist shop with annual revenue of up to $0.5m starts at $270 plus GST for $2m of public liability insurance. Hairdresser’s insurance liability cover and beauty salon owner liability quotes NZ start at $450. Cover can be increased to $5m or $10m. Liability insurance protects your business.

We source our products from the best business liability insurance companies in New Zealand. Do get a quote online for business liability insurance for limited company exposures. Three quotes are near you and only 10 minutes away.

Our insurance provides essential financial peace of mind. You may also want to consider statutory liability insurance for your business.