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What an Insurance Broker Should Do for You

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Insurance broking can encompass many financial services advice such as insurance and risk management. Some insurance brokers sell products such as marine insurance and health insurance. Others advise on employee benefits and provide premium funding loans. However, we know that small business owners have simple insurance needs that can be easily met.



Insurance brokers need to be able to provide quotes quickly to small business owners and sole traders. Small business owners and sole traders also want their broker to provide general insurance quotes at a time that suits them. This may mean being able to provide quotes for insurance products on a Thursday night or Saturday morning. At Insure Online, our website will produce up to three quotes any time of the day, any day of the week.


Keeping it Simple

There are over 380,000 small businesses in New Zealand that employee less than 20 people. Most of these small businesses have simple general insurance needs. But if you are a small business, do you really need life and health insurance and other complicated general insurance products?



Most small business owners and sole traders want public liability insurance and general insurance for their business property. They also want to be able to get a quote quickly and easily for great insurance products. At Insure Online we provide quotes in around 5 minutes.


Value for Money

Most importantly, they want value for money. This may mean that the insurance product is not cheap business insurance or the best business insurance policy. Business owners just want value for money and they want to understand what they are getting for their money. At Insure Online we provide up to three quotes.



Insurance brokers NZ style to not have to disclose their commission to you unless you ask them. How do you know if you receive value for money when you don't know how much commission and fees they charge? At Insure Online, we disclose our commission and we only charge a $39.95 policy transaction fee.



Insurance brokers in New Zealand are required to hold professional indemnity insurance because they are providing a professional service to customers This includes for personal insurance customers. A professional indemnity insurance policy held by your insurance brokers may provide protection if your claim is disputed by your insurer.


Great Products

Finding the right insurance for your small business or home based business is vital. The best place to start is with an insurance broker such as Insure Online. We find the best insurance products from the best insurance companies. We then put their products online so that you can get comparison quotes quickly. We find the best business insurance and best liability insurance in New Zealand.


Customised Quotes

If you need a tailored general insurance quote for your business, we are always willing to help. You can contact us on 0800 456 780 to talk to us. We can also suggest ways to save money on insurance policies too. This includes general insurance for business property, business interruption, earthquake and liability.


Get Started

We ask that every sole trader and small business owner read the policy wordings. They contain more details, including terms and conditions and which limits and exclusions apply.

Our newsroom contains many blog articles to help with your business insurance knowledge. These include material damage insurance, business interruption cover, public liability and product liability cover, statutory liability insurance and employers' liability insurance.

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