Frequently Asked Questions

Before we arrange a business insurance policy for you and before you make changes, we require you to read the policy wording for that product. The policy wording is provided by the insurer and is produced in order to give you important information about the features, benefits, exclusions and coverage of the policy. It is prepared in order to assist you in deciding if the business insurance product is right for your needs.
At the top of this screen just click on the Get Covered Now button to get a business insurance quote and buy now. You will need to answer the questions truthfully and to pay your premiums online. Immediately after buying online, we will email you a tax invoice and within a few hours we will email your policy documents as confirmation of business insurance cover.
You can cancel your insurance cover at any time by clicking on My Insurance at the top of our website. Any premiums you have already paid for the unused portion of your insurance will be refunded to you. We are obliged to refund any unused premiums to you within seven days of cancellation. We will refund premiums to your bank account.
When you pay for your insurance, we need to collect payment through our bank's secure payment gateway. We are charged a fee for using this service. We have also invested in secure and sophisticated technology and pay a fee to our software provider each time we perform an insurance transaction. Our fee of $39.95 covers these costs and is lower than that charged by most insurance brokers.
Many insurance policies will include cover for an interest in the insured property held by someone other than the insured. They will do so only if that interest is specifically noted in the policy. If you want the interest of another party such has a joint owner or financier to be covered, please note that when completing the online application form.